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Recent findings from a 20 year medical study in Europe discovered that using Traditional sauna at 174*F or hotter, 4-7 days a week and 20-30 minutes at a time can lower your risk of Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease by as much as 66%, lower your risk of death by Cardiovascular Disease as much as 50% and lower your risk of ALL diseases by as much as 40%! Please take note that the optimum temperature of Far-Infrared sauna to the human body for maximum penetration is 128*F to 132*F which is a more gentle heat for sauna users that suffer from Fibromyalgia or Arthritis related conditions that can’t tolerate the higher temperatures of Traditional sauna. If Far-Infrared saunas suit your needs, Helo does have the worlds safest and most effective units available!    

Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Jari Laukkanen on TRADITIONAL Sauna Use for the Prevention of Cardiovascular & Alzheimer’s Disease!

This podcast features Jari Laukkanen, M.D., Ph.D., a cardiologist and scientist at the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio. Dr. Laukkanen has been conducting long-term trials looking at the health effects of TRADITIONAL sauna use in a population of over 2,000 middle-aged men in Finland. The results? Massive reductions in mortality and memory disease in a dose-response fashion at 20-year follow-up!

How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity!

We also have had clients purchase our saunas as prescribed to them by their Doctors for Cancer Treatment and Fibromyalgia! Sauna and steam do more than just make you feel good!

Hyperthermic Conditioning for Hypertrophy, Endurance, and Neurogenesis!

According to the National Cancer Institute, “Hyperthermia (also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy) is a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures. Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal injury to normal tissues. Many studies have shown a significant reduction in tumor size when hyperthermia is combined with other treatments.”

Sauna Benefits Deep Dive Optimal Use with Dr. Rhonda Patrick & MedCram

Sauna questions answered with expert Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Infrared vs traditional saunas? Can sauna bathing lower the risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, depression, and all-cause mortality? How exactly should we use saunas for optimal benefit (duration, frequency, temperature, etc.)?
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a cell biologist with a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Dr. Patrick is the Co-Founder of

10 Benefits of Using a Sauna Everyday!

Discover the benefits of using a sauna consistently. Even if you don’t use it daily, a sauna can assist with weight loss, muscle recovery, improve longevity, and much more. Less than just 30 days of sauna use can provide all of these benefits, and your cardiovascular system can start benefiting after just one sauna session.

Please keep in mind, none of these videos are endorsed or sponsored by any sauna companies or manufacturers. They just give you the raw data of what is healthiest to the human body.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Sauna!

Much has been made of the health benefits of sauna bathing. With good reason. Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring.

A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and feel better. The body’s response to gentle, persistent heat is well-documented and proven day in and out by people all over the world. Which is why more and more doctors are recommending its purifying benefits.

1. Saunas relieve stress.

Not surprisingly, sauna bathers most frequently cite stress reduction as the number one benefit of sauna use. Medical studies often determine that stress in our daily lives can negatively affect our health. In fact, the vast majority of disease (i.e. heart disease) is at least partially stress-related. Heat bathing in a sauna provides stress relief in a number of ways. It’s a warm, quiet space without any distractions coming from the outside. As we like to say, “Step into a Finnleo sauna, and close the door on the rest of the world.” The heat from the sauna relaxes the body’s muscles, improves circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s all-natural “feel good” chemical, and their release provides a truly wonderful “after sauna glow.”.

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2. Saunas relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints.

Under the high heat provided by a sauna, the body releases endorphins (see health and wellness benefit #1). Endorphins can have a mild, enjoyable “tranquilizing effect” and the ability to minimize the pain of arthritis and muscle soreness other from, say, an intense physical workout. Body temperature also rises from the heat of the sauna.. This causes blood vessels to dilate, therefore increasing blood circulation. This increased blood flow in turn speeds up the body’s natural healing process via soothing aches and pains and/or speeding up of the healing of minor bruises or cuts. After participating in physical sports, use the heat and/or steam of a sauna to promote muscle relaxation by helping to reduce muscle tension and eliminate lactic acid and/or other toxins that may be present.

3. Saunas flush toxins.

Many – if not most – of us do not actively sweat on a daily basis. Deep sweating, however, has multiple proven health benefits. Benefits derived from a deep sweat can be achieved via regular sauna bathing.Due to the heat of a sauna, the core body temperature begins to rise. The blood vessels then dilate, causing increased blood flow (see above). As heat from the blood begins to move toward the skin’s surface, the body’s nervous system then sends signals to the millions of sweat glands that cover the human body. As the sweat glands become stimulated, they produce sweat. Sweat production is primarily designed to cool the body, and is composed of 99% water. However, deep sweating in a sauna can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and chemical – which are all toxins commonly absorbed just from interacting with our daily environments.There is no shortage of books from Doctors and practitioners, who describe the benefits of detoxifying our bodies regularly. As many doctors will agree, a big reason for the popularity of saunas is that they are one of the best ways to detoxify our bodies.

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4. Sauna cleanses the skin.

Heat bathing is one of the oldest beauty and/or health strategies in terms of cleansing one’s skin. When the body begins to produce sweat via deep sweating, the skin is then cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced – keeping your skin in good working condition.Sweating rinses bacteria out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts. Cleansing of the pores has been shown to improve the capillary circulation, while giving the skin a softer-looking quality. Dr. Ben H Douglas, a professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and author of “Ageless: Living Younger Longer,” attests that “Sweating is a way of energizing the skin almost the way exercising a muscle energizes it.” He goes on to explain that, when you sweat, the rush of fluid to the skin “bathes skin cells with a liquid rich in nutrients,” which “fills in the spaces around the cells” and even “plumps up” tiny wrinkles. He also mentions that the nutrients and minerals in sweat “are essential to maintaining the collagen structure of the skin.” Bathing skin in sweat on a fairly regular basis, therefore deters collagen breakdown that can ultimately result in wrinkles and sags. By continually flushing body waste through individual cells, one eventually brings back vitality, tone and a healthy glow to the skin. Sauna usage is certainly not a cure for acne, but it can very often help – due to the deep cleansing it provides from a deep sweat (that is, cleaning the pores from the very inside out – instead of just cleaning the top of the skin).

5. Saunas can induce a deeper sleep.

Research has shown that a deeper, more relaxed sleep can result from sauna use. In addition to the release of endorphins (see above), body temperatures, which become elevated in the late evening,fall at bedtime. This slow, relaxing decline in endorphins is key in facilitating sleep. Numerous sauna bathers worldwide recall the deep sleep experiences that they feel after bathing the the calming heat of a sauna.


6. Saunas bring about recreational and social benefits.

While the social benefit is rarely talked about, it’s really actually quite important. The sauna can be a private, personal area of relaxation and solitude. However, it can just as easily be a relaxing environment for socializing with family, friends and soon-to-be friends. The sauna room environment is conducive to open, intimate and quiet conversation.

7. Saunas improve cardiovascular performance.

In the high temperatures of a traditional or infrared sauna, skin heats up and core body temperature rises.In response to these increase heat levels, the blood vessels near the skin dilate and “cardiac output” increases. Medical research has told us that the heart rate can rise from 60-70 bpm (beats per minute) to 110-120 bpm in the sauna (140-150 with more intensive bathing), and can often sink to below normal after the cooling off stage. With regular sauna useage, we not only train our heart muscles and improve the heart rate/cardiac output, but we also help the body’s regulatory system.Even more cardiovascular conditioning takes place when the sauna bathing is taken in multiple “innings”, with sessions in the sauna separated by a cool shower or a quick dip into a cool pool or lake. Each time you rapidly change temperature (from hot to cool or vice-versa), your heart rate increases by as much as 60%, which is very comparable to the increase experienced during moderate exercise..

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8. Saunas burn calories.

Outlandish claims are often made by some sauna sellers (primarily those who sell infrared saunas) to promote saunas as an end-all weight loss tool. While some individuals may experience high amounts of calorie burn at first – particularly those individuals in poor shape to begin with – over the long term, saunas are simply treated as one of many tools in our arsenal when it comes to burn additional calories.The sweating process itself requires a notable amount of energy. That energy is derived from the conversion of fat and carbohydrates in a bodily process that burns up calories. According to U.S. Army medical research (Ward Dean, M.D.), “A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams in a sauna in a single session, consuming nearly 300 calories in the process.”The body consumes said calories due to the acceleration of heart activity (the cardiovascular section). As heart activity increases and as these processes demand more oxygen, the body begins to convert more calories into usable energy.

9. Saunas can help fight illness.

German sauna medical research shows that saunas were able to significantly reduce the incidences of colds and influenza amongst participants. As the body is exposed to the heat of a sauna and steam (in the case of traditional saunas), it produces white blood cells more rapidly, which in turn helps to fight illnesses and helps to kill viruses.In addition, saunas can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of sinus congestion from from colds or allergies – especially when used with steam (tip: add eucalyptus to the water for added benefit and overall enjoyment). The steam vapor action helps to clear up unwanted congestion and is a wonderful aspect of the Finnish sauna experience.

10. Saunas just feel good.

A sauna not only feels good, it’s good for your body. Whether it’s the physiological changes that occur during the warmth of a sauna, or if it’s simply the time spent in the calming and still retreat of the sauna, every seasoned sauna bather agrees – it feels wonderful! As we progress through our stressful everyday lives, the sauna provides a pampering retreat – where we can relax and restore body and soul. Sauna bathing truly makes you “Feel Better”, “Look Better” and “Sleep Better”!

Keeping safe in your sauna.

There is nothing dangerous about sauna bathing, but it’s always wise to use a little common sense. Here are a few things you should bear in mind. It is always recommended to consult a doctor before using sauna.

  • Always use the ladle to pour water on the stones. It keeps you away from the first burst of steam.
  • Never wear any jewelry in your sauna. The metal could heat up and burn you.
  • Don’t eat or drink alcohol in your sauna.
  • Don’t eat a big meal just before you take a sauna.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after your sauna. The sauna will make you sweat and you need to replace that liquid to stay hydrated.
  • If you have high blood pressure, severe medical conditions or have had recent surgery you should avoid the sauna and consult your doctor first.
  • It’s not recommended to stay in the sauna for longer than 30 minutes. 20 minutes is a better length for most people. Have a cooling shower and then you can go back.

Building or designing a safe sauna.

There are a few safety considerations to consider when designing your sauna.

  • All sauna doors should open outwards from the inside of the sauna with about 17 pounds of pressure or less in the event of a medical emergency.
  • A sauna door shouldn’t be lockable or be able to be accidentally jammed shut.
  • A sauna can run at up to 194* F, so there should be no stainless steel nail heads or screws on the inside that could scald bathers. Knots in the wood will heat up more than plain timber so they should be avoided as well.
  • The door handle on the inside of the sauna should be made of wood.
  • Light fittings should be specific for sauna use and wired in by a qualified electrician.
  • Specific ventilation to the design is key to performance for a proper heat exchange.
  • The floor immediately outside the sauna door should have some sort of non-slip covering.
  • Consult SoCal Sauna for proper and safe construction techniques of Sauna and Steam Rooms.

A sauna is a healthy place, a haven, almost a place of refuge from the strain and stress of the modern world.

A little common sense will mean that you, your family and friends can always enjoy your sauna in safety.

All Helo-Amerec Sauna and Steam Room Equipment is built and designed with your safety in mind, as well as your comfort, health and relaxation.